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Since its first edition six years ago, ACROARIA’s keywords have always been ACROBATICS and CREATIVITY. 10-15 de agosto 2007.

Acrobatics started and developed with another great event, Villeneuve. Thanks to the synergy between these two teams, acrobatics events have reached the success that they enjoy today. But what we achieved so far is not enough: we should not forget the second keyword of our slogan, namely "CREATIVITY". In Omegna, the town of Gianni Rodari, a very famous writer of children's literature, we want to develop our CREATIVITY within the framework of a freestyle show.
In order to do that, we organize sports events that become a meeting point for everybody, for the viewers of the famous acro contest as well as for the people involved in the other events.

and come to see a new flight experience, not the usual hyper-technological contests with cutting-edge tools and equipment. With us, there are no traces to download, no varios to adjust: our contests are simply the expression of the pilot's skills and of his/her perfect harmony with the paraglider. But this is not enough yet: we want more CREATIVITY, that's why we are launching the initiative "AND YET THEY FLY...", where there is room only for imagination.
As this is the first time we take part in this program, we are looking for your cooperation and suggestions.
The schedule of the events during the 5-day ACROARIA show are just an indication and may be subject to changes. The final schedule will be released by July 15.
For further information, please check under "Registration".

A special landing raft has just been built and installed. It was designed specifically for the landing of paragliders, it is the biggest in the world (15 x 10 m), with a surface of approximately 140 sqm, a kind of small airport. You will have the support of five people preventing you "with all means" not to land on water. Should you land on water, however, 3 boats with 6 scuba divers on board and 1 rescue team will help you within 5-10 seconds, the fastest in the world!!
You can rely on five years’ experience and about 1000 rescues in the water.

What else can we say about one the best-known acrobatics shows in the world? The best ACRO pilots will take part in the FAI contest of cat. 2, valid for the Acro-World Cup rankings. This year it will be even more interesting since it will be a PREPARATORY race for the 1st Acrobatics World Championship that will take place in Switzerland 2 days after Acroaria.
One more reason to come.

We want the public to have fun, without anxiety for the results, only pure fun. Alone, in synchro or in groups, any idea is welcome (within safety limits of course...). We will reward ingenuity, synchronism and innovative ideas.
The jury will be the public, rankings with prizes.


AND YET THEY FLY……!!!!! 2edition
Do you want to become an “unidentifyable flying object”? You are welcome.
Set free your imagination: dress up and become what you would like to be, just do it in a simple and ingenious way.
Follow the spirit of St. Hilaire, simplify it and adapt it as far as possible to water, because this is the theme of this year's event: “The water, the sea...” and everything on and under it…..
You already have a lot of ideas to start your project.
A big crowd in the town will wait for you to cheer...a flying fish? It is possible!!!...such things happen only at Acroaria.
Some indications and restrictions:
- structures must be simple and above all light,
- the large and non-steep take-off allows for a “safe” starting
- from the take-off area to the raft/land there are approximately 1000 m drop, with a gliding time of about 15 minutes.
- beware of the pressure difference if you use “inflatable” tools
- support both at the take-off and landing area
- direct access to the take-off area by car or shuttle bus, without walking on impassable or steep ways.
Prizes for the 3 top rankings


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